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Workers Compensation

Most people live paycheck to paycheck, and cannot afford to be out of work.

Work injury attorney Timothy V. Pickell represents Kansas and Missouri workers. It is important to understand that the workers’ compensation process protects you. Each state has slightly different requirements.

When injured, you need answers and money quickly. You have bills to pay, a family to take care of, and a job to resume. We will strive to resolve your claim quickly. During your first appointment, we will fully explain the legal process to you, and will contact the insurance company. The majority of our workers’ compensation claims are well underway within 24 hours of our initial consultation.

An example of the benefits attorney Pickell obtains for his clients are:

We understand that you likely hope to return to your job and do not want to “sue” your employer. Fortunately, a workers’ compensation claim is an administrative process, not a civil lawsuit, and is usually less contentious in nature. A few considerations:

The Timothy V. Pickell Law Office is different from other firms. We take the time to carefully listen and reassure you. We strive to resolve your claim amicably but fairly with the insurance company. When seeking compensation, it is important to understand all the circumstances of your injury. Schedule an appointment with attorney Pickell to discuss your injury and rights.

If you have been injured on-the-job, you can’t wait very long for your workers’ compensation benefits to start. An experienced lawyer can usually help you get your temporary compensation paid by your employer’s insurance company sooner than you can.

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